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Wellness Hotel Engel Gourmet & SPA
Nova Levante (BZ) - Dolomiti, Trentin-Haut-Adige

« Enjoy a massage with plant extracts gathered 1,000 metres above sea level overlooking the Dolomites»

Alois et Carmen Kohler

Description of the establishment

The road crosses the landscape through idyllic villages , through fragrant forests , reaching the legendary Dolomites. The hotel Engel is surrounded by mountains , meadows and forests, surrounded by nature. What better than to draw strength ? In a time mixing madness and stress, we allow you to provide the highest relaxation to your body. In an atmosphere wellness and zen ... . Enjoy the fantastic view offered from the balcony of the rooms. Breathe nature through local noble materials such as wood , leather and stone. The seasons , enjoy delicious dishes from morning to night bewitch the senses of gourmets. Enter here the name Angel : No doubt , it is a paradise on earth , it is here it is!

Tipo di stabilimento
Hotel Restaurant
Accessibile alle persone con mobilità ridotta Corsi di cucina Spa Servizio chauffeur Accanto alle piste Famiglia Tranquillo Tennis Piscina Animali Matrimoni Parcheggio
francese, Punto Internet, Tintoria, Ascensore, Aperto 24/24 ore, Cassaforte, Servizio in camera, Servizio chauffeur, Internet Wi-Fi, Fattorino
Bagno ribollente, Palestra, Corsi di cucina, Equitazione (2 km), Golf (5.00 km), Noleggio bici, Trekking, Sauna, Spa, Tennis
Campagna, Gastronomia, Montagna, Fitness
Alois & Carmen KOHLER
Spoken languages
francese, Tedesco, Italiano, Inglese
Annual closure of the hotel
From 11/12 to 19/12 and from 02/04 to 15/05
Prenota mio tavolo per telefono
+39 0471 613131
Albergo Ristorante
Grande Table
Grande Table
Theodor FALSER
Price of the menu 90 - 138 €
Dining room
Disabled access
Weekly closure of the restaurant
Monday and Tuesday
Annual closure of the restaurant
From 11/12 to 19/12 and from 26/12 to 15/05
Via San Valentino 3

Nova Levante (BZ) - Dolomiti ( 39056 )
Bolzano (19 km)
Bolzano (19 km)
Wellness Hotel Engel Gourmet & SPAhttps://lescollectionneurs.r.worldssl.net/hotels/lc-3598/search_result.jpg à partir 200 €+39 0471 613131
46.4296 11.533322 11.533322
Via San Valentino 3
Nova Levante (BZ) - Dolomiti 39056 it

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