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Manoir de la Boulaie
Haute-Goulaine, Pays-de-la-Loire

« In the heart of the vineyards of Nantes, savour wonderful roaming cuisine enhanced with spices»

Barbara et Laurent Saudeau

Description of the establishment

TAfter experimenting with French flavours from the seashores to the aromas of Provence, Laurent Saudeau came across spices from Réunion Island. Since then, his cuisine has ventured forth and acts as a go-between with astonishing blends of flavours from here and further afield. Each season gives him an opportunity to conjure up fresh delights, the names of which are enough to make your mouth water. In the space of one decade, the young chef has been the recipient of a whole host of food awards that pay tribute to his innovative creations and technical expertise. In the Muscadet vineyard, this simply perfect setting has opted for a minimalist, yet colour-drenched style.

Accessibile alle persone con mobilità ridotta Corsi di cucina Parcheggio Seminari
Salone privatizzabile, Internet Wi-Fi
Corsi di cucina, Equitazione (4 km)
Barbara & Laurent SAUDEAU
Spoken languages
Prenota mio tavolo per telefono
+33 (0)2 40 06 15 91
Table d'Excellence
Table d'Excellence
Chef's specialities
Tuile craquante d'araignée de mer, Caviar osciètre, Condiments shiso
Pigeon de Mesquer et poulpe grillé au feu de bois, Tarte de betterave acidulée
Galet des îles : noix de coco, chocolat, banane/passion
Price of the menu 59.0 - 148. €
Average price à la carte 110 €
Price of the lunch menu 59 €
Weekly closure of the restaurant
Sunday (din), Monday and Tuesday
Annual closure of the restaurant
2 weeks in the holidays of Christmas and 3 weeks the beginning of August
33 rue de la Chapelle St Martin

Haute-Goulaine ( 44115 )
A11 direzione Nantes quindi N249 dir Cholet, continuare sulla N160. Alla rotonda, prendere lo 2nde uscita e continuare sulla N249/E62. Passaggio vicino a Tillières/servo. Prendere l'uscita 2a Vertou. Continuare sulla N149 direzione Vertou. Alla rotonda affittata al piede di l '' antenna TV, di prendere della 1a uscita e continuare sulla D105 in direzione di alto Goulaine. Passare il ponte sopra 4 vie di Cholet, alla rotonda prendere la 1a uscita direzione della volta St Martin.
Nantes Atlantique (20 km)
Nantes (15 km)
Manoir de la Boulaiehttps://media1.lescollectionneurs.com/hotels/lc-3378/search_result.jpg à partir 59.0 €+33 (0)2 40 06 15 91
47.189935 -1.4234469 -1.4234469
33 rue de la Chapelle St Martin
Haute-Goulaine 44115 fr

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