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Le Refuge
MEGEVE, Rhône-Alpes

« Sample flavoursome, balanced cuisine in tune with seasonal and regional produce 1,400m above sea level»

Antoine Maillon et Frédéric Desmurs

Descrizione della struttura

For decades, climbing to the Leutaz you will find «Refuge» and warmth in this Montagnard restaurant nestled at an altitude of 1400 meters that houses a true cuisine of Chef, gourmet and traditional with local products evolving with the seasons. New owners like Bocuse and Blanc propose the incontournables of the Refuge such as the poached egg with Puy Green lentils, juice with morels and Foie Gras chips, the lamb square and the Bresse chicken with the brooch, the soufflé with the Grand Marnier…
The service here is cared for under the watchful eye of professionals attentive to the needs of clients. In the middle of nature, the Refuge concentrates all the magic of the mountain: authentic, family, warm and relaxed....

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Servizio chauffeur
Spoken languages
Tedesco, Italiano, Inglese
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+33 (0)4 50 21 23 04
Bonne Table
Bonne Table
Fréderic Desmurs
Prezzo medio alla carta 55.00 €
2615, route du Leutaz

MEGEVE ( 74120 )
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2615, route du Leutaz
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