Romantik Seehotel Eichenhain
Neustadt in Holstein, Côte de la Baltique

« Guests enjoy fresh local and Mediterranean cuisine and a wide range of spa facilities in this seaside hotel. Large hotel grounds provide direct access to the beach and sea.»

Famille Schnoor

Description of the establishment

The separation from "Wilhelmina" was the beginning of a new love ... Over 100 years ago, Captain Marsen used the wood of his sailing boat and a stranded schooner to create the foundation of what is today known as the 4-star Romantik Seehotel Eichenhain. T

oday, the Schnoor family makes sure that you feel at least as comfortable here in Neustadt-Pelzerhaken as if you were at home, day after day. Enjoy the regional and Mediterranean cuisine and a large number of wellness offers in the "Villa am Meer". Relax between heaven and earth, directly by the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Tipo di stabilimento
Hotel Restaurant
Accessibile alle persone con mobilità ridotta Animali Tranquillo Famiglia Novità Parcheggio Seminari
Internet Wi-Fi
Spoken languages
Tedesco, Inglese
Prenota mio tavolo per telefono
+49 (4561) 53730
Albergo Ristorante
Eichenhain 2

Neustadt in Holstein ( 23730 )
Romantik Seehotel Eichenhain +49 (4561) 53730
54.09002 10.85694 10.85694
Eichenhain 2
Neustadt in Holstein 23730 de

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